Come Back


Come Back lyrics
Come Back

1 verse:
I woke up in the morning and I realized that my baby wasn’t by my side
There was a note on the table and it said I’m not coming back tonight cause
The past few days it doesn’t feel like there’s love in this relationship
You’re spending so much time with your music so I’ll guess you gonna be okay
But I’m begging you

Come back darling
Give me another try
Yeahhhh yeaahhhhh
I’m begging you
Come back darling
Give me another try
So I’ll make you satisfied

2 verse;
I was looking at my phone staring at your picture
Started to realize how much I’m gonna miss you baby
I can’t leave my life without you by my side
And I know we have our differences
But we both know that true love never come so easy
So please come back we’ll work this out
I never meant to hurt you, don’t wanna see you cry, baby let me dry off those tears from your eyes, guess I never knew what true love was about, but now I have no doubts 2X
No doubtsssss 8X

3 verse:
Ik leef alleen voor jou en dat weet je baby
Niemand die jou plaats in kan nemen baby
Jij bent zo speciaal in me leven baby
Daarom wil ik jou niet kwijt nooit te nimmer baby 2X